Formations Masterclasses 2016

Formations 2016 Masterclasses by Helios Collective

Following on from the success of Formations 2015 – when three new operas were developed over a two-week period by Kasper Holten (director of opera, Royal Opera House), Robert Saxton (composer), Stephen Unwin, (director), Stephen Barlow (artistic director, Buxton Festival), Bettina Bartz (dramaturg), and David Parry (conductor) – Helios Collective returned in 2016 with an extended Formations Masterclass series, hosted by English National Opera and King’s College London.

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Formations 2016 – Noah Mosley Talks About The Operas

Formations 2016 Helios Collective Yellow Wallpaper

Like a kid in a sweet shop (or a bull in a china shop?), I’m feeling the same leg-wiggling excitement of squeezing and weighing up presents before opening them on Christmas day: yes, I have the huge privilege of receiving vocal score first drafts for two of the three new operas we will be creating for Formations 2016. But what is inside?

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