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Founded in 2012 by artistic director Ella Marchment, Helios Collective is an opera company that has development and connectivity at its heart. Through innovative and imaginative programming, Helios enables its ever-expanding community of performers, creatives, and arts partners to work together to shape the future of opera.

Helios Collective is something to be excited about: our music is in their hands.
– Broadway Baby

Among its many critically acclaimed successes, the company has produced a diverse range of sell-out operatic events, including classic, revised, and new operas; masterclasses conducted by world-renowned industry professionals; opera club nights; and opera-plays (plarias).

Helios has toured nationally and internationally to leading opera venues, including St Petersburg Philharmonia, Copenhagen Opera Festival, Rose Theatre Kingston, Sage Gateshead, and Buxton Festival.

I left feeling that the future of British civilisation is in good hands, larynxes, and batons.
– The Express

The company has also provided continued professional development opportunities to over 1500 artists and commissioned more than ten new operas and plarias.

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Helios Collective would like to thank the thousands of people who have already backed the company with either support in kind, financial donations, or by freely giving their time, knowledge, and expertise to make the company what it is today and what it will be tomorrow. Thank you. Very, very much.

Cavalier’s Rock Tosca is basically one of the best ideas anyone has ever had. Big, sweaty, loud and brilliant, rock’s ego-heavy aesthetic is ideal for Puccini’s personality-driven thriller. Ella Marchment’s direction makes the most of this, focusing us on individual characters in turn, keeping the crucial claustrophobic air of persecution in each scene while blasting us with big volume and bigger emotions.
– Backtrack

It has been an exciting journey for Helios, from the initial opera-scenes concerts in 2013, to the first UK tour of new opera commissions, a series of sold-out opera club nights in London, a tour to Russia, a Stravinsky double bill, two seasons of Formations masterclasses, and critically acclaimed opera productions at The National Portrait Gallery in London, Copenhagen Opera Festival, and Buxton Festival.

The Helios team has worked tirelessly to put on some truly amazing, provocative, and thought-provoking productions. Works that the company loves to create, and that its audiences love to watch.

In embracing the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, Helios is currently working to develop more ambitious projects, involving more eclectic partners, and reaching out to ever bigger audiences.

There is little doubt that opera is very much alive as a vehicle for young artists, composers and writers. Helios is doing a tremendous job in ensuring that creative souls have an outlet and a platform. And all this is thanks to the energetic leadership of the indefatigable Ella Marchment.
– Brian Dickie

Ticket sales make up a very small proportion of the income needed to run a successful opera company, and Helios Collective relies heavily on the generous and enlightened support of its patrons and sponsors to fulfil its work.

If you would like an obligation-free copy of Helios’s fundraising pack to find out how you could support the company’s groundbreaking work, please get in touch by clicking here and filling in our online contact form. We’d love to hear from you, and we’d love to welcome you to a Helios Collective production in the future.

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The company will be launching a ‘Friends of Helios Collective’ scheme soon.

We really do love all of our supporters.

Helios Collective Partners and Supporters


Helios would like to thank…alphabetically…

I cannot express enough my appreciation of that performance. It had me smiling all the way through by the magic of it and moved to tears by the performance throughout; how is that possible? Magic.
– Ali Frias

Alan Houmann, Alfred & Gina Cutner, Aman & Rachna Kanwar, Arts Council England, Beth & Nigel Hankin, Bob & Clare House, Brian O’Malley, Bruce & Sarah Maulevere, Bruce Steinberg & Ashley Dartnell, Bury Court Opera, Buxton Festival, Carol Mcnn, Caroline Egen, Cate & Andrew Burgess, Cecile Pottier, Cerise Sue-Chue-Lam, Charles & Tessa King-Farlow, Charlotte Holmes, Claire Angus, Copenhagen Opera Festival, David & Nancy Zeffman, David Green, Dawn & Chris Noon, Domo & Theo Baal, Ed Smith, Eileen & Andrew Willett, Elizabeth & Paddy Heffernan, Endsleigh Insurance, Eric Marchment, Etienne Duval, Felix & Miranda Mosley, Francis Moore-Colyer, Gill Tarlton, Greg Sue-A-Quan, Greta Jones, Help Musicians UK, Henry Southern, Ian Rosenblatt, International Opera Awards Foundation, Javotte, John Coke & Suzanne Lemieux, John Kennedy, Josh & Kay Marchment, Karel Kovall, Katie Jones, Kerena Mond, Kieth Sutherland, King’s College London, Koos Schouten, L Harris, Laura Hall, Lewis & Norma Cutner, Linda & Richard Allinson, Lionel Steuart-Fothringham, Lord Donoughue, Lord Sassoon, Marc & Katia Pereira-Mendoza, Marianne Matthews, Mark Short, Martin Geyer, Mary Bright, Michael Foot, Michael Moody, Michael Standell, Mimi Doulton, Nicholas Chalmers & Nelson Castellanos, Nick Butt, Nigel Stern, Patrick Holman, Paul & Catherine Thomas, Paula & David Pereira-Mendoza, Penny Carrega, Peter Bull, Peter Moffat & Leo Klein, Peter Parker, Peter Sands & Betsy Tobin, Phyllida Lloyd, Piers Landseer, Qudsia Daniels, Regis Huf, Robert & Jennifer Zeffman, Russell Hall, Ruth & Nick Green, Simon Whewell, Stephen Barlow, Sue Innes, Sue Odell & Howard Lee, Susan Hall, T Andrewes, The Fenton Trust, The Fidelio Charitable Trust, The Hinrischen Foundation, The Rose Theatre Kingston, The RVW Trust, The William Walton Trust, Tracy Marchment, VJ Ford, Xanthe & Ivo Mosley.

The production was like a mini film, with superb acting (Angus McPhee was fantastic as Smirnov) and heaps of energy. The stage direction was resourceful – the backdrop for all three operas was made up of wooden cupboards and wardrobes that characters passed through, adding to the evening’s sense of surreal.
– Frances Wickers, Fringe Opera

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Helios Collective Partners and Supporters

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The night was thrilling, enjoyable and SO refreshing.
– Cate Burgess

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