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I cannot express enough my appreciation of that performance. It had me smiling all the way through by the magic of it and moved to tears by the performance throughout; how is that possible? Magic.
– Ali Frias

Alan Houmann, Alfred & Gina Cutner, Aman & Rachna Kanwar, Arts Council England, Beth & Nigel Hankin, Bob & Clare House, Brian O’Malley, Bruce & Sarah Maulevere, Bruce Steinberg & Ashley Dartnell, Bury Court Opera, Buxton Festival, Carol Mcnn, Caroline Egen, Cate & Andrew Burgess, Cecile Pottier, Cerise Sue-Chue-Lam, Charles & Tessa King-Farlow, Charlotte Holmes, Claire Angus, Copenhagen Opera Festival, David & Nancy Zeffman, David Green, Dawn & Chris Noon, Domo & Theo Baal, Ed Smith, Eileen & Andrew Willett, Elizabeth & Paddy Heffernan, Endsleigh Insurance, Eric Marchment, Etienne Duval, Felix & Miranda Mosley, Francis Moore-Colyer, Gill Tarlton, Greg Sue-A-Quan, Greta Jones, Help Musicians UK, Henry Southern, Ian Rosenblatt, International Opera Awards Foundation, Javotte, John Coke & Suzanne Lemieux, John Kennedy, Josh & Kay Marchment, Karel Kovall, Katie Jones, Kerena Mond, Kieth Sutherland, King’s College London, Koos Schouten, L Harris, Laura Hall, Lewis & Norma Cutner, Linda & Richard Allinson, Lionel Steuart-Fothringham, Lord Donoughue, Lord Sassoon, Marc & Katia Pereira-Mendoza, Marianne Matthews, Mark Short, Martin Geyer, Mary Bright, Michael Foot, Michael Moody, Michael Standell, Mimi Doulton, Nicholas Chalmers & Nelson Castellanos, Nick Butt, Nigel Stern, Patrick Holman, Paul & Catherine Thomas, Paula & David Pereira-Mendoza, Penny Carrega, Peter Bull, Peter Moffat & Leo Klein, Peter Parker, Peter Sands & Betsy Tobin, Phyllida Lloyd, Piers Landseer, PRS for Music Foundation, Qudsia Daniels, Regis Huf, Robert & Jennifer Zeffman, Russell Hall, Ruth & Nick Green, Simon Whewell, Stephen Barlow, Sue Innes, Sue Odell & Howard Lee, Susan Hall, T Andrewes, The Fenton Trust, The Fidelio Charitable Trust, The Hinrischen Foundation, The Rose Theatre Kingston, The RVW Trust, The William Walton Trust, Tracy Marchment, VJ Ford, Xanthe & Ivo Mosley.

The production was like a mini film, with superb acting (Angus McPhee was fantastic as Smirnov) and heaps of energy. The stage direction was resourceful – the backdrop for all three operas was made up of wooden cupboards and wardrobes that characters passed through, adding to the evening’s sense of surreal.
– Frances Wickers, Fringe Opera

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