Formations 2016 – Noah Mosley Talks About The Operas

Formations 2016 Helios Collective Yellow Wallpaper

Like a kid in a sweet shop (or a bull in a china shop?), I’m feeling the same leg-wiggling excitement of squeezing and weighing up presents before opening them on Christmas day: yes, I have the huge privilege of receiving vocal score first drafts for two of the three new operas we will be creating for Formations 2016. But what is inside?

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Formations Masterclasses 2015

Formations 2015 Helios Collective Kasper Holten Royal Opera House

Helios Collective’s Formations Masterclasses took place at the Arts Theatre in Leicester Square from 6–13 November 2015, and they featured Kasper Holten (director of opera, Royal Opera House), Robert Saxton (composer), Stephen Unwin, (director), Stephen Barlow (artistic director, Buxton Festival), Bettina Bartz (dramaturg), and David Parry (conductor).

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Die Meistersinger

Die Meistersinger by Helios Collective Plaria

PLARIA (noun) is a portmanteau word that blends the words ‘play’ and ‘aria’. It is used to describe operatic works that have been written or adapted for staging as spoken/traditional plays with selected musical moments. As such, plarias might be best understood as being hybrid operatic musicals, performed by actors and singers, accompanied by live musicians or pre-recorded music.

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